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About Me

My name is Alireza (Ali) Borujerdi and I am a student living in North Vancouver, B.C. on a journey of pursuing my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

As a child, I watched many movies and would research the behind the scenes aspect of production. I have the unique position that becoming a filmmaker has been a passion since kindergarten.

At the start of grade 11, I took a Film Production course and connected immediately with the topics and procedures of filmmaking. This led to further studies in film, learning skills such as camera movement techniques, screenplay writing, and video editing, which I have used for classes and side projects. I have been chosen to take part in a number of film making contests, among many talented students from my school and our group has succeeded in winning those competitions

The list of awards can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Personally, competing and winning in those award shows inspired me to continue my path in filmmaking and realizing my dreams of being a filmmaker can be fulfilled.

Alireza (Ali) Borujerdi

Work Safe BC - Student Safety Video Contest  | The Set | 2019

Actsafe Student Safety Video Consent Award

Handsworth Secondary School Film Festival | Student Driver | 2019


Handsworth Secondary School Film Festival | Mako 1954  | 2019



Handsworth Secondary School | Music Program | 2020

Grade 12 Appreciation Award

Handsworth Secondary School | Music Program | 2019-2020

Music Team Award

Royal Conservatory of Music | Violin | 2018

Level 6 Violin

Level 6 Theory

Handsworth Secondary School | Music Program | 2016-2017

Music Team Award

Handsworth Secondary School | Music Program | 2015-2016

Music Team Award

Other Awards

Handsworth Secondary School | Royal Recognition | 2020

Senior Film Student - Zoom Fest 2019 Winner

District of North Vancouver | Youth Awards | 2019

Outstanding Youth Team 

Special Skills

Proficient in IT based areas

Up to date with technology

Self-motivated individual with a passion to help others

Can work effectively as part of a team, or with little supervision

Reliable, trustworthy, adaptable and committed to the work being done

Fast learner and quick thinker and quick problem solver

Effective communication skills in English and Farsi

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