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UniMonde Distribution and Supply Ltd. look into the future dentistry differently

We are constantly globally searching for innovative and high-tech products and equipment’s to bring to the footsteps of our valued Canadian Dental Professionals.

UniMonde Distribution and Supply Ltd. is introducing a new approach to the market to promote dental products and services to dental professionals all across Canada. Our approach is to make dental offices communication and ordering system easy through user friendly social media technology and internet interfaces. We will always think outside the box and step outside our comfort zones to accommodate to the needs and expectations of both customers and partners. Our goal is to provide the right solutions by obliging to any of the customers’ requirements that may affect their business performance and profitability.

Our philosophy does not entail competition with other healthcare distributors or solution providers, on the contrary, we strive to collaborate and build strategic partnerships that will focus on a single goal: To Serve the Oral Health Professionals.

Our knowledge, experiences and dedication shape our core values into our main beliefs that detail our Mission.


Our Mission:

  • To focus and serve our customers with full respect and integrity to be their “trusted supplier and advisor”.

  • To be a humble and reliable source of competitive offer and deals at any given time.

  • To save and increase our customers profitability and efficiency by providing the competitive pricing, quality supplies and equipment, innovative high-tech products, excellent service and solutions.

  • To invest into the future of progressive technology through ongoing seminars and education forums and provide guidance to facilitate the use of these technologies.

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